•   CCTV surveillance system in the school campus.
  •   Two female attendants on each floor.
  •   Security service obtained from best security service provider SIS India.
  •   Floor and class room monitored by teachers during break and dispersal.
  •   Two students outgoing concept - two students are sent out of the class for washroom/water/etc.
  •   Adequate safe drinking water facility.
  •   RO installed for students and staff on every floor.
  •   Fire extinguisher on each floor of the school campus.
  •   Fire extinguisher in all the buses.
  •   Firefighting drill was conducted by our service provider for the students and staff.
  •   CCTV surveillance with four cameras in each bus
  •   GPS monitored bus and winger with speed governor.
  •   Two fire extinguishers installed in all the buses.
  •   First aid medical kit supplied in each bus and winger.
  •   Telephone numbers of concerned personnel are written prominently on the buses.
  •   Medical assistance by full time qualified trained and experienced nurse
  •   Collaboration with the nearby private medical hospital in case of emergency.
  •   Creating awareness through programmes for the students, teachers, administrative staff and with the other supporting staff members of the school with the support of Disaster Management Team
  •   Police verification of all the Staff Members.
  •   Frequent Mock Drills will be done during regular classes

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    Though the results are prepared consciously,any mistake in this regard is highly regrettable. All the students are promoted to their respective higher classes. Due to unavoidable reasons,the results of III (A) & IV (B) could not be uploaded, but the students are promoted.

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    According to guidelines of CBSE and State Government all students are promoted but for your faith and values the institution has issued promotion list.

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